Thursday, August 2, 2012

On Monday, July 30 2012, we walked through Toronto, starting downtown on Shuter Street. All eleven of us walked, so as to get noticed as much as we could. I think we were expecting to get a majority of negative remarks as we walked through this large city, but we were surprised to find the opposite. Many people were apathetic, but those that did speak up were supportive. We walked by some construction workers who cheered us on, yelling, "Pro life! No Abortion!" from the building they were working on. People on the sidewalk told us they were proud of us, and others gave us the thumbs up. It was surprising and heartening to see.

In the last few weeks, our walking schedules have changed. Since the death of Andrew Moore, a walker with the Central Walk in the US, who was hit by a car during night shift, we have cancelled night shift and now only walk during the day. So now we are split into crews and walk a day on, then have a day off. We cover a bit less ground, but are still offering that up for the success of our Pro-life mission.

In the last few days since walking through Toronto we have been along Lake Ontario, which has provided us with the awesome swimming. The towns are really beautiful, and the parishioners are very supportive. Very welcoming and friendly, and happy to see us and hear about our journey.

So we continue to walk. I'm writing this from a McDonald's, somewhere between Brighton and Napanee. In a little under two weeks we will be done, so please continue to keep us in your prayers, and pray for the success of our witnessing and the hearts of the people who see us. God bless!

Maria Kalin

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